Remember Jaheim - the R&B singer with the smokey baritone who crooned soulful hits like "Put That Woman First" and "Fabulous"? Well it appears that he’s going through a transformation and it has some fans worried about his health.

If you take a cursory look at Jaheim’s Instagram page, it appears that the R&B singer is now a vegan and is embarking on a holistic journey of clean living and good health. Unfortunately, the “Anything” singer is also posting some unflattering selfies of himself.

In some of the pics, you can see Jaheim’s gaunt face, scraggly beard and chapped lips. The photos have caused some fans to wonder if the singer is doing drugs. But this is not the case.

It appears that Jaheim is simply eating healthy and losing a lot of weight. The New Jersey-born singer is also still making music. In one of his IG posts, the crooner writes, in part:

Traveling thru life looking from the inside vs the outside observing in and I'm enjoying the great adventures of JA-Heim. I'm loving every bit of it yes my ups and downs now watch all my turns arounds trouble don't last always."

"New music is in the air and it's traveling from me to your ears my heart to your heart can you feel the pulse running through your spine all the way to your BiG toe haha well I feel it all in my shoes," he continues.

"Jaheim is gonna make you smile once more," he adds. New single coming soon to mainstream radio. [I] cannot wait till you all get a chance to see the progress and New approach to the music you will be so addictive to so get ready.

So it appears that Jaheim is fine and well. But it looks like he needs to find the right angles when he's taking selfies.

Nevertheless, fans went on Twitter to poke fun at Jaheim's appearance. Check out some of the reactions below.

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