So, today things got a little spicy on The Breakfast Club when DJ Envy walked off his own show.

Desus and Mero, stars of the Viceland show Desus & Mero were on the show and Envy was upset about a blip they did about him and his wife. Last year, Envy started trending when a fake video that appeared to show him cheating on his wife began circulating. His infidelity was a topic of discussion when Envy and his wife later appeared on talk show The RealDesus and Mero commented on the appearance, jokingly insinuating that Envy's wife was with him for the money.

Fast-forward to today's show, where Envy called out the comedians for the joke, saying it was "disrespectful" and his wife and kids were completely off limits. Desus and Mero both apologized for the joke but a visibly upset Envy was obviously having none of it. A few minutes into the interview, he got up and walked out, leaving pretty much everyone in the room befuddled, especially since Mero and Desus apologized. Mero even tacked on that he understood where Envy was coming from, since he has a wife and kids of his own.

At any rate, the interview went on with constant references to Envy's walk out coloring the show. Unsurprisingly, fans had a lot to say about the drama, most of them wondering why Envy walked off his own show, particularly after receiving an apology.

You can check out some of the responses below and watch the interview above.

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