Why use The Breakfast Club for clickbait?

That's what Charlamagne Tha God wanted to know after it was reported that RevoltTV was being sued by former producers of the radio show for "reverse racism."

As we previously reported, five white men said Puffy Combs and the network suggested they were too old to do their jobs and because they're white, they couldn't understand the culture. The men were eventually let go and replaced with five black workers, all younger, hence the lawsuit.

Since the claims surfaced, RevoltTV has denied being discriminatory and they noted that the claims have already been reviewed and denied by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As far as Charlamagne, he blasted the publications that put The Breakfast Club in their headlines and suggesting that the show was somehow involved.

"Salute to the New York Post, because they absolutely accurately reported this story," he said. "They didn't use The Breakfast Club and Power 105.1 as clickbait. We're not even in the lawsuit. We're not even named as defendants in the lawsuit."

In addition to his comments on the radio, Charlamagne also had something to say about the discrimination claims on social media, which you can see below.

It'll be interesting to see where this lawsuit goes.

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