Though Yonkers rapper Jadakiss performed for the royal family of Swaziland over the weekend, as planned, the youth opposition group, who protested, the event are hailing their efforts a success.

Jada hit the stage in Swaziland's chief city, Manzini, on April 23, where he performed for the Prince Lidani Foundation, a charity named for King Mswati III, the southern African country's ruler for the past 18 years.

The Swaziland Youth Congress attempted to boycott the concert, claiming that the event was a "publicity stunt by the royal family," who sold VIP tickets for $100, equivalent to a month's salary for most of the small country's workforce. Though Swaziland is extremely poor, King Mswati III's fortune has been estimated at $100 million by Forbes magazine.

"We have no problem with Jadakiss personally, we have a problem with taxpayers' money being used to organize activities of this kind," explained Mxolisi Nghamphalala, a spokesman for the Swaziland Youth Congress. "Jadakiss performed and he got his money."

Jadakiss' reportedly performed an "excellent" show, but the boycott deterred South African acts DJ Tira and Jozi from traveling to share the stage with the LOX rapper, and led to a poor turnout of under 500 people, which included several princes and princesses.

Jadakiss has not yet commented on the boycotted event.

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