Looks like J-Kwon is taking aim at Pusha T.

When the St. Louis rapper commanded everybody in the club to get "Tipsy" in 2004, they listened. The song was a crossover smash hit that peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. But less than a decade later, nobody is listening to him.

After Tyler, the Creator and Pusha T took shots at J-Kwon on their most recent releases this year, he decided to fire back with a record called "Pushing the Odds," a somewhat clever reference to both of them. He released the track on his soundcloud page in April, and up until yesterday the song only had 1,000 listens.

Luckily for J-Kwon, Kanye West's interview with the New York Times featured a reference to "Tipsy," which single-handedly brought some attention back to him and resulted in people finding his soundcloud page. So now we all get to hear J-Kwon drop gems like "From St. Louis where we say 'hurr'/ And we flip birds no Sesame Street" and laugh about it.

Listen to J-Kwon's Pusha T Diss "Pushing the Odds"

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