Just days after releasing his emotional tribute song, 'Be Free,' J. Cole traveled to Ferguson, Mo., on Sunday (Aug. 17) to pay his respects to Michael Brown, the 18-year-old unarmed teen who was shot and killed by a police officer.

The Roc Nation artist first went to the very ground where Brown was killed. A makeshift memorial of teddy bears and flowers now cover the spot where the teen was tragically gun down by a Ferguson police officer.

Afterward, Cole listened to neighbors and community activists who are demanding justice for Brown. The North Carolina rhymer then made his way to the QuikTrip supermarket (aka "ground zero") where much of the unrest has taken place. There he was bombarded by a sea of people who wanted to take pictures and talked with him.

Judging by the photos and videos, it must have been a humbling experience for Cole.

Cole is among several artists who have spoken out about the shooting of Michael Brown. Rappers T.I., Nelly and others have also addressed the Ferguson situation, while Elle Varner released a touching song, 'One Love,' in honor of Michael Brown.

Meanwhile, a rally was held late Sunday afternoon with Rev. Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the Brown family.

"We're here to talk about standing up for our children, because if we don't stand up for our children, nobody will stand up for our children," attorney Crump told the crowd.

During the rally, several hundred people -- including clergymen and local officials -- formed a line and donated upwards of a $100 to the Brown family.

Missouri Highway patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who is now overseeing security in the town, offered an apology for Michael Brown's death.

"I say that I'm sorry," he said. "I wear this uniform and I should stand up here and say that I'm sorry."

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