The world isn't a very celebratory place at the moment and while times are full of bloodshed stateside and abroad, Elle Varner reminds us to join together on her new song 'One Love.'

The DJ Dahi-produced track finds the songstress detailing the innocent lives lost through bombings, school children being killed and gun violence. Elle urges for the masses to kill with kindness. "But who's to say that we can't change and give one love / One love to everyone / And who decides it's not the time to give one love," she sings over the soaring beat.

The song was inspired by the recent police shooting of Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown, whose death has caused the nation to react in the form of protests and demonstrations. Elle took to her Instagram account to share her thoughts while creating the effort, which also pays tribute to the victims in Gaza and slain Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton.

"Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, and whatever pain you may be suffering....this song is for you. This song is for #MikeBrown and the people of #Ferguson. It is for #HadiyaPendleton and the people of #Chicago. It is for the lives being destroyed in #Gaza. It is for people all over the world who need help and healing. This song is a wakeup call! We are all in this together believe it or not.....we all cry the same tears and bleed the same blood. Life is an incredible gift that everyone deserves! Please help spread the message and post this song hashtagging anything happening in the world that matters to you. Thank you," she writes.

Experience Elle Varner's ode to unity below.

Listen to Elle Varner's 'One Love'