The controversial verdict regarding George Zimmerman in Florida has everyone giving an opinion one way or another. When it comes to hip-hop and current events, few can speak on issues with more socio-political insight than Harlem's Immortal Technique.

HipHopDX recently talked with Tech about the second degree murder and manslaughter charges Zimmerman was accused of in the case of Trayvon Martin as he explained race wasn't the key element in the trial.

"It wasn't so much about racism as it was about people who had the ability to use those connections they have in a court system," Immortal Technique said. "I’ll put it this way. Let’s say a regular white guy in New York gets stopped by the police for a DUI, it doesn't matter. You’re going to jail. They don’t give a fuck about you. They are trying to make a quota. They got bills to pay. How bout this? Let’s say that a black lieutenant or sergeant’s son is caught drinking and driving. They are going to give that kid a little more consideration."

Tech also says during the interview that parents of black children got a "wake-up call" after hearing the verdict and need to have a frank discussion with their kids about race and how it is lived in America.

"I think it’s a parent wake-up call more than it’s a black person wake-up call even though it is a black person wake-up call," he said. "I’m not going to say it isn't. I’m not going to call it a 'ni--a wake-up' call because I don’t think that we should even put the Martin family and that word in the same sentence. I say this much, that it is a wake-up call for black people, but it’s also a wake-up call for parents. Parents, you’re going to have to have an honest discussion with your children about where they are and what they are walking through. You’re going to have to have an honest discussion about the value of people’s lives and how some people see it and where you are and to be mindful of your circumstances."

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