Rapper Immortal Technique was arrested on Thursday (March 26) for allegedly robbing and assaulting T-shirt vendors outside of a venue where he was performing at in Santa Ana, Calif.

The Harlem rapper is currently on tour with Talib Kweli and was scheduled to perform that night before the altercation happened.

According to the Orange County Register, Technique, whose real name is Felipe Andres Coronel, confronted two men who were allegedly selling bootleg T-shirts using his trademarked logo. The rapper was angry that he wasn’t receiving profits from the sales of the tees.

Authorities said that Technique along with his entourage, including his tour manager Steven Alexander McDaniel, clashed with the two vendors and stole their wares, cash and cellphones. The two victims also claim that they were beaten as well.

Technique and McDaniel were charged on suspicion of robbery and attempting to prevent or dissuade a witness from reporting a crime. Police also allowed Technique to perform his show to avoid problems with the audience. Both men have since been released.

Technique went on Twitter to issue a statement regarding the arrest. You can read his tweets below.

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