'Saturday Night Live' had a little fun at Ice Cube's expense over the weekend (April 9). During a the evening's funniest skit, in which cast member Andy Samberg played Hugh Jackman on the fictitious show 'Best of Both Worlds,' Cube became the brunt of a few jokes because of his movie choices.

"Cube you were of course a member of the hip-hip group N-words With Attitude," Samberg said during the skit. "You ever worry that you're losing touch with your thug side?"

Cube, played by Keenan Thompson, retorted by sarcastically explaining that his new film will not tarnish his "thug" reputation. "I'm still street. In my next movie, it's just me against po po," alluding to a movie involving the 41-year-old facing off against the police. "Po Po the baby panda," he quickly clears up. "I'm supposed to take care of him when a local zoo shuts down but in the end he teaches me more than I teach him."

Although they take a few shots at Cube, he's not the only one who gets made fun of on the show. Oscar winners Julie Andrews, played by guest host Helen Mirren, was also depicted as a walking contradiction to her character in the 'Sound of Music,' transforming into a gun-toting diva, to the chagrin of the other characters in the skit.

In real life, making the transition from a music career to film has worked out well for Cube. The former N.W.A. member has appeared in over a dozen films, and produces the TBS show 'Are We There Yet,' a spin-off of his 2005 film of the same name. His next role is rumored to be as a police officer in the silver screen adaptation of '21 Jump Street.' Cube is also creating a television show that will star Bow Wow and be scored by Jermaine Dupri.

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