Ice Cube takes the scientific approach to study women and their booties in the Will Kendrick-directed video for 'Drop Girl.'

The West Coast rapper recruits a staff of stereotypically geeky-looking scientists while he, LMFAO's Redfoo and 2 Chainz handle the experiments in the booty lab. The women, who look like they've been beamed in, shake their booties to the floor, all while the infectious staccato beat bangs along with the continuous hook of "Drop girl, drop."

Each of the rappers take their turns detailing how things go down in the club and what they see when a women shakes it like a Polaroid picture. While it's Ice Cube's track, Redfoo clearly takes the reigns on this one by throwing down a great verse.

"Stop, drop and roll it / I like bad bitches in the club who can control it / If you tote it / you get voted," he delivers on his verse.

But obviously Ice Cube shows ownership in the visual by being the one to flip the switch to get everyone to twerk.

'Drop Girl' is the latest track off his upcoming 10th album, 'Everythang's Corrupt,' out on Oct. 21 via Lench Mob Records. The project is the follow-up to 2010's 'I Am the West.'