Ice Cube is not afraid to speak his mind. On Saturday (Aug. 28), the hip-hop legend jumped on Twitter to deliver a devastating blow to the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a miserable attempt to pander to the African-American community, an off-shoot Trump Twitter account chopped up a soundbite that makes Cube seem to praise the billionaire real estate tycoon as someone who should be president of the United States.

Cube caught wind of the sneaky jack move and made it quite clear on his Twitter how he feels about Donald Trump. “I will never endorse a mothaf---a like Donald Trump! EVER!!!” he tweeted to his three million followers. So far the tweet has garnered over 18,000 likes and 11,000 retweets.

The clip itself (see below) is taken from a Bloomberg Politics April 2016 interview where Cube was talking about hip-hop and politics. The veteran rhymer then explained why America is so fascinated with Donald Trump. "He looks like a boss to everybody and Americans love to have a boss,” the 47-year-old rapper-actor said.

But in no way was Ice Cube endorsing Trump. Nice try.

You can watch Ice Cube's Bloomberg Politics interview in its entirety below.

Watch Ice Cube's Interview With Bloomberg Politics

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