Believe it or not, Ice Cube and Common were once rap foes and engaged in one of the most memorable rap beefs in hip-hop. Twenty years later, they reunite in solidarity on their new song, “Real People.”

On the song, the hip-hop vets rap about brotherhood and seeking peace over violence when it comes to resolving issues. They used their infamous rap beef as an example of how two angry forces can mature to reconcile their differences and maintain the peace.

“Me and that n----, yeah, we used to bring the funk,” raps Cube. “Now we got love and respect.” Common agrees and also confirms there’s no beef between him and Cube. “It's a good day when it's me and O'Shea,” he spits, adding, “But ain't no more beef, I put that on chief."

Ice Cube and Common's rudimentary rhymes may be a little off-putting, but their overall message is much-needed and fits with the overall theme of the movie.

Speaking of which, Barbershop: The Next Cut, which also features fellow rappers Nicki Minaj, Eve and Tyga; it opens in theaters April 15.

Listen to Ice Cube and Common spread peace and solidarity on "Real People" below.

Listen to Ice Cube & Common's "Real People"

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