Shreveport, La., rapper Hurricane Chris is set to film the video for his single 'She Fine (Halle Berry)' on Wednesday, April 8, hot on the heels of the actress dancing to his song on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

"I set it up it's like a ghetto 'Rip the Runway' but it ain't ghetto because it got class at the same time," Hurricane Chris said during an interview with The BoomBox. "It's not too sophisticated. We're having fun on 'Rip the Runway.' A little more casual clothes than you would see on the hip-hop 'Rip the Runway.' We clean as a whistle throughout the whole video. It ain't no white T-shirts in this one.

"It started out with me talking to my other self in the back room looking for Halle Berry. The Ratchet version of me is like, 'Man. You have to let me go do this.' But I'm trying to control him. We have investors sitting out in the crowd. My Ratchet side of me ends up getting some chicks out the hood who look good with class. It starts out real crazy and it's another personality that's sitting out in the crowd. You gotta watch it. The dance is incorporated throughout the video. If you go to YouTube and type in 'Halle Berry dance' you'll see the same dance all over the video."

A fan of Berry's since he was 9, Hurricane Chris said he was stunned to find out that the actress had heard his song.

"I was wondering what was going to be the response," he said. "When I saw that, I was like, 'It's all good. It's all good.' It took it to the next level. That means she's rolling with it. Shout out to Halle Berry. I didn't write that song for nothing. I had a big poster of her in my room when I was about 9 or 11. I didn't just get on the bandwagon. I ain't watch too many movies, but I kept up."

"She Fine (Halle Berry)" will appear on Hurricane Chris' forthcoming album 'Unleashed,' set for release this summer. Special guests include Bobby Valentino, on the first single 'Touch Bases,' as well as Lil' Boosie and Mario.

"I came up with [the title 'Unleashed'] because basically on my freshman album, it was like the beginning of me," Hurricane Chris said. "It was big learning process and I was held down by certain restraints in certain areas. When it came to the second album, it's me all the way unleashed. I don't have no restraints, no collars or chains on me. I'm unleashed."

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