If Kodak Black keeps coming at Lil Wayne, he'll have to answer to Hurricane Chris.

That's basically what Chris told the Florida rapper, even though he didn't mention him by name.

"Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, whatever you wanna call him, you wanna f--- with him, you wanna f--- with me," he said. "That's how I'm coming. 51/50. You play with my people, and I'ma break your jaw. It's going down just like that, and you know who I'm talking to."

Last month, seemingly out of nowhere, Kodak dissed Tunechi twice, by first saying he wanted to "Knock that stupid a-- n---- out,"  and then he told the Young Money rapper to "Eat his a---."

Since then, Turk stood up for Weezy, as did the New Orleans rapper Kyyngg but it was Chris who seemed to issue the most specific threat.

"I'm righteous with the hands," he warned. "We'll stand toe-to-toe just like what you talking about doing. Homie's somewhere counting $100 million, trying to figure out how to get $50, $60 million that he supposed to been had. Way bigger problems then to worry about boxing a n----, but a young n---- like me wake up and go to sleep ready to chastise a p----, so play some games, boy, and get your whole little s--- fractured up."

Will Kodak respond? It's possible, but he had nothing to say back to Turk or Kyyngg yet, so who knows. You can watch Chris' posts above.

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