Hopsin is mocking the trend of incoherent rappers on his hilarious banger "No Words." The track gets a fitting title as well as a comical video as the "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" rapper shouts incomprehensible gibberish.

With faux dreads, tattoos and sunglasses, the 30-year-old rhymer, who appears to take on the alias Hash Brown, could easily be a stand-in for Lil Wayne, Young Thug or Future -- although he doesn't named which rappers he's taking shots at. Hopsin proceeds to recreate a stereotypical rap video with expensive cars, stacks of Styrofoam cups -- likely filled with lean -- guns, scantily-clad women and tons of cash in the George Orozco-directed visual. He even rolls a blunt off of one woman's derriere.

"Man, rap today f---in' sucks bad, I don't give a f--- what anybody says. Fools ain't spitting no type of dope s---, but that's not even the bad part; they're not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard-a-- f------ beat to trick dumb a----- like you to make you think you like the s---," he says in the beginning of the song, which took him 15 minutes to write.

Hopsin did admit that the songs he's ridiculing are "fun to listen to" and that the beats "knock" but it also takes little to nothing to create.

"People always talk crap about me, my music. So I’m like, let me do your music. Let me just make a complete mockery of it and show the entire world that it takes no skill at all," wrote the rapper in an annotation on Rap Genius.

The joke may be on Hopsin though. In less than a week, "No Words" has amassed over two million views on YouTube and we can already see club goers turning up and reciting the song no word for no word.

The new tune is obviously different from the lyricist's usual sound. The Los Angeles native is known for a more backpack style mixed with dark rhymes (similar to Tyler, The Creator and Eminem.)

This isn't the first time the rapper has come for current rappers either. On "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" he rhymes, "All you menacing freaks are only in it for cheese / And the mass control limit was breached -- f--- hip-hop." Afterwards he added that his "existence on the planet" is to obliterate them. "We need to make a change while there's still time," he said on the 2012 song.

Fans can catch Hopsin on his Funk Volume tour across the U.S. with Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, and DJ Hoppa. Cop tickets here.

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