Hip-hop is full of polarizing figures, and most would point to Kanye West as the biggest one. Although he operates on a smaller scale, Hopsin is another. Born Marcus Jamal Hopson, the rapper turns 30 years old today (July 18).

Hopsin is immediately recognizable for wearing colored contacts, which he's donned since he decided to seriously pursuing rapping. He wore them specifically to differentiate himself from being stereotyped.

The rhymer has steadily earned a sizeable fan base through his four studio albums and his "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series, songs that's basically find him doing free verses criticizing hip-hop vices (like drug use). The California native also founded Funk Volume, a Los Angeles-based label that houses the likes of Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton. The two signees and Hopsin have all been featured on the XXL Freshman Class cover at some point.

However, Hopsin's constant critiques on the state of hip-hop and the youth is why he's often criticized -- he comes off as too patronizing for many. He's also had a history of eccentric behavior. The rapper has walked out on concerts, and in November of 2013, he threatened to commit suicide via a series of tweets.

Hopsin also announced he was quitting rap and moving to Australia only to reveal it was a prank and he was releasing an album. That project, Pound Syndrome, is supposed drop on July 24.

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