The year 2015 might go down as the year of rap beefs. After fans witnessed Drake and Meek Mill’s rap battle, a new feud has emerged among two hip-hop crews. Hopsin’s Funk Volume and Kxng Crooked’s Horseshoe Gang are engaged in a very heated lyrical battle.

The Funk Volume crew visited SiriusXM's Sway in the Morning show and made a pretty bold statement. Hopsin, supported by Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton, issued a challenge to battle any rap crew for $500,000. "I put $500,000 on it that no label can f--- with us. Literally $500,000 of my own money. Not outta Funk Volume, out of my own money," Hopsin shared.

Apparently Kxng Crooked and his lyrical brothers the Horseshoe Gang entered the ring to join this battle. Hopsin took aim at the opposing team by going at them on his Instagram page. "Horses--- gang! You ready for your funeral? Crooked I, get your 'I miss my dawgs' speech ready. You should have dissed us instead. You lead your soldiers to failure. Get ready," he wrote.

Then Funk Volume dropped "Free Meal" (listen above), a thundering diss song in which Hopsin calls Crooked an over-the-hill rapper who pretends he's gangsta.

Not to be outdone, Horseshoe Gang released not one but two diss songs. The California group's "Half a Meal" and "Same Day" are two blistering response tracks in which HSG spit acidic raps at all of the members of Funk Volume.

"Same Day" is especially hardcore with its whining synthesizers and a concrete-breaking beat. On the song, HSG calls the Funk Volume members "rap coons."

We don't know where this diss-a-thon is headed, but this is a legit rap battle. Props to both Funk Volume and Horseshoe Gang for repping their crews with bars. No Twitter fingers here, just straight lyrics.

Who do you think will win this rap battle: Funk Volume or Horseshoe Gang? Tell us in the comments below.

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