This summer, the Hieroglyphics Collective of Oakland hit the road for the "Freshly Dipped" 45-date national tour. Besides catching a show, you can also take home a bit of the collective. Hiero Jeans, launched last summer, will be sported by the bands and for sale at every show.

You gotta control your own destiny," Opio, a member of long-standing Hiero Imperium act, Souls of Mischief, told the BoomBox. "Why do we go around wearing signs for others?"

The tour marks the first time Hiero has complete artistic control. "We're providing all the talent," said Tajai, another Souls member. Souls of Mischief will be joined on the road by Casual, Musab, Pep Love, Knobody and others. Special guests Blue Scholars from Seattle will also perform.The tour also celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Hieroglyphics underground collective. "It's a celebration of the fans," said Opio. "A lot of our success was through touring."

But why is Hiero, an independent and anti-corporate label and collective, interested in branding themselves? "Everyone wears jeans," said Tajai. "We thought it would be cool for us to rock our own stuff." Tajai added that jeans are originally from the Bay Area. "Levi Strauss was from the Bay! ... It's a lifestyle brand," he said.

Catch the "Freshly Dipped" tour near you this summer. Maybe you can also snag a pair of $100 Hiero Jeans.

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