According to reports, Haitian rapper Evenson "Shacan Lord" Francis is the latest member of the Haitian rap community to be confirmed dead. The 31-year-old MC died when his recording studio collapsed during the earthquake on Jan. 12.

Shacan Lord was a member of popular rap group Gasoline Clan, and considered by many to have been a "pioneer of Haitian hip-hop." He was honored by the remaining members of his group and buried Sunday night in Port-au-Prince's Delmas Stadium, where the rapper had frequently performed.

"We built him a coffin with planks of wood," Shacan Lord's producer, Roosevelt Francois said. "We couldn't bury him like the others. We wanted to do something special for him."

It was previously confirmed that Wyclef Jean-affiliated rapper and Yele Haiti organization member Jimmy O died similarly, en route to his recording studio when the earthquake hit.

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