According to The Independent, Najafi's latest single "Naqi" -- named after Ali an-Naqi, an important imam to Shia muslims -- was released on May 7. The song itself satirizes the current Tehran regime and calls for the the Islamic cleric to save Iran.

Many hardline Muslims have not taken kindly to the new song. Over 100 people have since signed an online petition calling for the death of the Iranian rapper.

"I am still in disbelief. I'm only 31 with my whole life ahead of me," Najafi said in a recent interview. "Each person has to pay a price for what they want. I will never apologise for my art or for speaking the truth about the Iranian government."

The rapper fled Iran in 2005, after Iranian intelligence accused him of staging underground concerts. Najafi now resides in Germany.

Listen to the song that's creating all the controversy below.

Listen to Shahin Najafi 's "Naqi"

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