This year marks the 15th anniversary of GZA's 'Liquid Swords' -- one of the most successful solo albums ever released by a Wu-Tang Clan member. 'Liquid Swords' was a musical blockbuster that went platinum and earned massive critical acclaim. And, like cinematic blockbusters, a sequel is on the way.

This leaves us with two questions: How soon exactly? "Fall," GZA tells The Boombox of when 'Liquid Swords 2' will be released. And, how many songs has he done so far? "None," he says laughing. "I work fast."

Though he hasn't started, he can give a preview. "It's still in its early stages, I can't tell you much about it other than telling stories, great music, great concepts, kung-fu dialogue, you can expect that," he says. "Maybe not a lot of the action part, but expect the kung-fu dialogue, expect the gritty, the witty, unpredictable talent. Expect a great album."

If that sounds like a lot to get accomplished just over the summer, RZA, 'Liquid Swords' producer, assures us the sequel is priority in the Wu-Tang family. "Me and the GZA have decided and confirmed and have started working on 'Liquid Swords 2' and that'll be probably the only album that I will work on for the rest of this year. I'm definitely gonna be focused on 'Liquid Swords 2,' The Return of the Shadowboxer for the GZA."

That's good enough word for us.

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