Young Money rapper Gudda Gudda had his diamond-encrusted chain snatched while performing in Burnsville, Minnesota on Saturday. Luckily, he got the necklace back and lived to tweet about it. "Great show in minnesota until this bum ass n--ga tried to snatch my chain and didnt make it out the club wit it! nice try p--sy!" he wrote. [HipHopDX]

Ke$ha wants you to know that it's OK to be yourself. You can even drink and read all you want. "I want to show you that you can be funny and hot," she said. "You can drink and read. People are still getting used to what I am." Well, that's reassuring. [Perez]

'Jersey Shore' star Snooki doesn't think it's fair for people to judge her based upon her antics on the show. "I don't think it's fair [how people judge me], but then again, that's what you see on the show. But I'm not like that all the time...yeah on the show, of course [I'm a party girl], but I'm not like that all the time," she claimed. Last episode, didn't she get so drunk she couldn't find the ocean from the beach? Yeah. [MTV]

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