Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is facing yet another lawsuit for skipping out on his concert dates.The suit names Gucci, his manager Derba Antney and booking agent Johnnie Cabbell as defendants, and was filed in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, by two men who claim that Gucci's team received two $13,750 deposits from them to perform in Pittsburgh this past August, but he never appeared to perform.

Unbeknownst to the plaintiffs, Gucci was barred from leaving the state of Georgia at the time, due to parole violations stemming from a 2005 felony assault charge, which sent him back to prison for a year in November of 2009. At present, he remains incarcerated at Fulton County Jail.

Gucci and his camp are accused of engaging in "a widespread scheme scheduling concerts they knew would not take place, including the concerts involving plaintiffs that are the subject of this complaint." Several promoters made similar claims regarding Gucci & co. over the past year, which his booking agent, Johnnie Cabbell addressed in a statement last December.

"I am fully aware of the recent allegations which have been made about me and my company Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment (HAH)," said Cabbell. "I am a licensed and bonded entertainment booker and have been operating my company successfully for almost a decade," Johnnie Cabbell told last December. "During my career, I have booked thousands upon thousands of shows and have worked with various promoters all over the country. I have maintained an impeccable track record and am operating within the confines of all applicable laws. I've always strived to do the best job I can possibly do and will continue to do that."

A court date has yet to be set for this most recent suit, which seeks over $25,000 in damages.