Rapper G-Eazy is making them say “Ugh” on his new single, “No Limit.” The boastful track, which is clearly inspired by Master P and his record label, features rap sensation Cardi B and the suave rhymer A$AP Rocky.

Over a sinister beat and eerie keyboards, the rap trifecta brags about their rockstar status. Rocky is regulated to hook duties as he brags about how many women he can sleep with. Then G-Eazy follows with verses about cars and women.

"No limit I'm a f---ing soldier, ayy / Always lit, yeah I'm never sober," he raps, later adding, 'Rari, shoppin' / Let me, cop it / Always, poppin' / Hella, poppin'...Ain't no, stoppin' / Album, droppin'."

Not so surprising, Cardi B outshines G-Eazy on the song with her standout verse, where she mimics the flow from Three Six Mafia's “Slob On My Knob.”

"My career takin' off / You hoes still jogging in place / Swear these hoes run they mouth / How these hoes out of shape / Can you stop with all the subs / Bitch I ain’t Jared," she raps. Cardi then adds, "I might turn G-Eazy out / Keep it G from the club ‘til the end, from the spot / You know me, Cardi B / P---- poppin’ on the charts."

“No Limit” is the first single off G-Eazy’s upcoming double album, The Beautiful & Damned, which is due out in the fall.

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