Cardi B. is being sued by her former manager who claims he's the reason why she is a huge star she is today.

TMZ reports that Klenord "Shaft" Raphael claims that he taught Cardi about the music business, and played a huge role in her landing a spot on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop." He also claims that he along with "his team" of writers and producers are responsible for her mega-smash "Bodak Yellow," a song that he alleges helped her secure her record with Atlantic Records. He's filed a suit against the "Bickenhead" rapper for $10 million.

Raphael also said that Cardi defamed him by telling people -- specifically her fiancé  Offset, that he robbed her of money. He claims he received a text from Offset that said, "[U] better stop play acting like u don't know u taking her sh** from her u a snake. U can't hide from me N***** and u not bout to play my WIFE."

Raphael's rep tells TMZ, "Shaft is disappointed by her actions to freeze him out of her career."

This is the second lawsuit within six months filed against Cardi. In October 2017, she was sued for $5 million by Kevin Brophy over the use of his picture on her mixtape "Gangster Bitch Music Vol. 1." The provocative cover shows Brophy's back angled in a way that looks as if he's performing oral sex on the rapper. In Brophy's lawsuit, he claims his pre-K son repeatedly asked what he was doing in the picture. He claims that his son also asked who was the woman in the photo. TMZ reported that Brophy said he never spoke to Cardi or her management, but he knows that's him in the photo because of the tiger fighting the snake tattoo -- a tattoo he says he has had for 10 years.

Cardi hasn't spoken about either suit.

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