Atlanta-based rapper Future, who dropped his debut album, Pluto, in April, adds a female perspective to his track "Neva End." On the remix, Kelly Rowland lends her sweet vocals and delivers some feminine flair.

In the original version of the track, Future brags about the iron grip he has on the heart of his girl, rapping, "I know you can't breathe without me/ You gonna need the oxygen." But he admits to his own feelings too. "I took a sip of your tea/ And I ain't been right ever since."

For the remix, Rowland sings along with Future on the intro refrain, "We don't wanna neva end," and adds further dimension to the story by singing, "You showed your true colors/ I can't believe you played me/ I let you meet my mother." Despite his obvious indiscretion, Rowland doesn't dismiss her philandering lover.

Stream the remix below.

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