Michelle Obama dubbed herself as the “forever first lady” during her empowering speech at 2018 College Signing Day at Temple University in Philadelphia last Wednesday (May 2). But apparently, her declaration rubbed some people the wrong way.

Critics (i.e, haters) felt that Mrs. Obama was being too cocky with her calling herself the "forever first lady."

But Kelly Rowland, who was at the college event, disagrees and emphatically co-signs Mrs. Obama’s proclamation to the fullest.

“We all have been saying that,” Rowland tells TMZ. “She IS forever first lady.”

“We love and respect and constantly honor her,” she continued. “She has so much integrity. She genuinely cares about people.”

Rowland added that fans were the ones who first started calling Mrs. Obama “forever first lady” and she just ran with it -- and rightfully so.

"We all started it," she insists, adding that Michelle Obama has now reached the beloved icon status of a Jackie O.

Meanwhile, Rowland said that the Destiny's Child reunion at Coachella was in the works months in advance.

“[Beyoncé] asked us early on - I can’t remember how early, but it was early. Months before,” she told Page Six. “It wasn’t really hard to keep the secret, though, because I wanted it to be a surprise for the fans. I feel like to have [shown us] so much support and so much love over the years, they deserved it. They deserved that moment; it was all about them.”

Rowland hopes their sensational performance inspires women to go out and achieve their life goals. “I wanted us to be a beacon of light for women in that moment,” she explains. “That you can do anything, be anything, dream anything. There are no boundaries when it comes to women."

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