One of the things that separates Future from the pack of other trap rappers is his versatility. That's not just 'cause he can sing and rap either. It's his ability to effortlessly switch back and forth between romantic crooner and aggressive' D-boy.

Earlier this week Future professed his loved Ciara on record and now he's bringing that inner dope boy back with Pusha T, Pharrell and Casino on 'Move That Dope.'

This might just be how working the corners sounds like in the year 3000. Future trades in his focus on melody in favor of a gurgling riff and a more erratic drum pattern. It's a backdrop where all three features sound at home.

Pusha T pushes his trademark coke rap rhyming with ease and confidence, cheekily playing with "knows" and "nose" in the process. Pharrell, who has been turning his attention to more worldly, Billboard-ready music these past couple of months, doesn't sound that much out of place either. He's semi-truthful here. Pharrell doesn't move work per se, but he does know some unsavory characters: "These n----s is noddin' over vehicles / These n----s ain't waitin' just to see n----s." No one has their hands entirely clean here. Also, is Pharrell calling attention to his famous Grammys hat when he mentions a "Gandalf hat?"

'Move That Dope' is much more 'S--t' than 'Real and True,' but it's anybody's guess which way Future will swing toward more on 'Honest.' His sophomore album still doesn't have a release date.

Listen to Future's 'Move That Dope' Feat. Pusha T, Pharrel and Casino