After XXXTentacion claimed that he got jumped by Migos outside of a Los Angeles hotel, footage has surfaced of the alleged incident.

In the video above, you can see the Florida rapper is on the ground while Quavo presumedly is on top of him delivering multiple fades. It looks like Offset is trying to break them up while X possibly yells for the police.

We also hear the “Look at Me” rapper say “I respect you n----...fight me one-on-one n----,” with Quavo responding back, “ain’t no one-on-one.”

Later, in a Snapchat video, a visibly bruised XXXTentacion admitted that he got pummeled and added that a gun was pulled out.

"I’m gonna take my fucking ass-beating like a man, n----, and I’m gonna carry myself like a man. This shit don’t affect me, and you n----s gonna lose money [for] fucking with me," he said.

“After all the shit I’ve been talking, how the fuck you ain’t shoot me?” he continued. “These n----s were scared to fight me! Y’all n----s like 35! I ain’t mad because I got 35-year-olds afraid to fight me [...] Migos just gave me free clout.”

Apparently, the fight stems from Migos being angry with XXXtentacion for beefing with Drake. Migos has not addressed the altercation.

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