The issue of mental health has been a hot-button topic ever since Kanye West’s meltdown last week. Although mental health is not a laughing matter, Saturday Night Live was able to deliver a humorous point of view with their Migos-inspired sketch “Friendos.”

The sketch is a spot-on parody of every Migos rap video on YouTube. SNL host Donald Glover, Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson spoof the dreadlocked Atlanta rappers as they rap about Lambos, money and girls. But everything that is not good as they soon reveal that they are also spending money on therapy sessions.

In the middle of their glossy video, the rap trio are sitting in a therapy session with Dr. Angela Anderson, played by Cicely Strong. It's there the group work out there emotional issues together, including deflection and jealousy over an ice cream-colored Lamborghini with suicide doors.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. I think I was acting up because I just missed our friendship, you know before the money, before the Lambo," Glover confides to Redd's character.

Thompson's ad-libs during their therapy session is also funny as Glover and Redd reach a "breakthrough." Skrrt-skrrt!

Rapper A$AP Rocky makes a cameo at the end, waiting for his own turn in therapy. It looks like rappers in general need some therapy. We are just saying.

Salute to Donald Glover and SNL for delivering another hilarious sketch.

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