This beef is getting uglier by the minute. Besides watching The Game saute a very hapless Meek Mill in more ways than one, it appears that Beanie Sigel - once a Meek ally - is falling back from helping his Philly comrade. After claiming he helped Meek and OMelly during their studio session for "OOOUUU," we now have video to back up his claim.

The video depicts Meek's homies kicking it in the studio and bopping to his scathing diss record towards The Game. While everyone in attendance was smoking and vibing, Beans was pictured coaching OMelly on perfecting the delivery of a line. Later, Meek walked into the session. In the video, it appears that Meek's verse was already recorded, so that debunks the claims that Beans assisted Meek.

If you recall, Beans was featured on the track and had two lines on the record. That was enough to have him thrown into the mix and get slammed by The Game on his Instagram. Then, in a recent interview, Beans said that he had no beef with Game and that he was just representing for Philly.

“[Meek] didn’t say nothin’ to get me on the track,” explained Sigel. “I just happened to come in the studio, so I just was helping him out with some lyrics, and the situation kind of played out like it did.”

“It’s really no beef, especially between me and Game. Me and Game got a good relationship. Had one for years. So it’s not me and Game’s beef,” he added. “That’s The Game and Meek Mill beef. Basically, I’m just representing for my city. That’s it.”

Rumors disseminated like wildfire last week when its was reported that Beans was jumped my Meek's goons, after switching sides. We can only wonder where this highly publicized beef will go from here.

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