It looks like Beanie Sigel is done with rap. Over the weekend, a video surfaced of the Philadelphia rhymer talking to his fans on Instagram Live. The former Roc-A-Fella Records artist is a devout Muslim and a family man, which may explain why he’s retiring from music.

Although he doesn’t specifically explain on why he’s leaving the rap game, Beans said that he’s not going back to the “old me.” He added that he took "a look at the man in the mirror" and realized that he has to focus on reality. He encouraged his followers to do the same and not be fooled by what’s going on in the music industry.

During the course of his live chat, Beans seemed to express his concern about the rap game pushing men to do womanly things like holding a purse (or “Murse”). He felt that it’s time for men to start being men and raised their sons properly.

When a follower asked him why is he falling back from rap, he quickly replied, “I have sons to raise to become men.” The Philly rhymer then switches his smartphone camera and films a trio of Muslim women who are preparing dinner. Beans then said that he had to fall back (from the rap game) to take care of his family and protect his women.

Meanwhile, Beanie's son is headed in the right path. Dwight Barry has graduated from high school and is college bound. Beans went on his IG page and shared an image of himself and his 17-year-old son holding up his diploma.

"I went through it so he 'WOULD’NT' do it after me!!...College bound! 'THIS CAN BE LIFE, I KNOW THAT ITS MORE,THIS GOT TO BE US!!!" he writes in the caption, quoting a line from his classic song "This Can't Be Life."

In other Beanie Sigel news, the "Roc the Mic" rapper is working on developing his own bagel business in Philadelphia called Beanie's Bagels. Beanie has partnered with local restauranteur Danny DiGiampietro and they are hammering out the details (location, money, etc.), according to Philly Voice.

There's no word on what exactly Beanie will have on the menu, but The Truth bagel has a nice ring to it.

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