After making several stops during his press run in New York, The Game stopped by The Breakfast Club to address his long-winded beef with Meek Mill and Beanie Sigel. To everyone's surprise, it appears that Game was able to squash his beef with one of the Philly rappers.

Accompanied by his manager, Wack 100, The Game divulged on his phone call with The Broad Street Bully and why he was initially mad with Beans in the first place.

"I don't want problems with Beans. I look up to Beans. That's my homie. We done chopped it. We done smoked L's in L.A. Chilled. We done did songs together. I checked on him when he got out of jail. He checked on me. We talk about the kids, life. Then, all of a sudden, he in pictures and he got something to do with a song dissing me for no reason without talking to me? You gotta get it."

Wack 100 proceeded to explain how Beans called him and The Game to apologize over the recent diss with Meek Mill.

"I talked to him. We spoke and had a conversation. He called me last night and the first thing out his mouth was, "I apologize. I was out of line. He never heard the "92 Bars" song where Game bigged up Beans."

Then, Game explained how Beans went to the studio to work with O'Melly to write his verse for him on Meek's diss record to the Compton rapper. According to Game, he was still disappointed in Beans for even considering writing O'Melly's verse, knowing that he's cool with him.

"I told Beans, when they told you to write and get on a song and write his version of the diss at a dude that you rock with and you been 100 with, you're supposed to slam the door on that."

"We talked to Beans. He put me on the phone with Beans and it's all good. And it's cool that it's all good because I can go back to respecting a legend," he said when asked if he and Beans would trade shots.

You can check the rest of interview here as Game spoke on squashing his beef with 50, his 1992 album, and more.

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