When a rapper jumps on another artist's track, sometimes we don't get to hear the final product due to a host of different reasons, which is why we haven't heard Kendrick Lamar's verse on Flying Lotus' 'Eyes Above.'

But fortunately for us, the West Coast producer plays the verse during his shows, which is enough to get the crowd all the way turnt. And now there's a YouTue video floating around, giving us a chance to hear the track. Although the audio is kind of fuzzy, you can hear some of K. Dot's potent lines.

"This is no radio flip, this is me taking your food / This is you bullied at school, give up your jacket and shoes / This is how I practice the rules, this is what happen with dudes / Flying Lotus notice the genius that wrote it is rude / DJ's promote it, I diagnosed it with viruses too / Microphones open and plugged in running inside of Pro Tools / How can I die to these fools," spits Kendrick.

In the short clip, you can see that Flylo not only plays the unreleased verse, but he makes a whole production of it by stopping the show, shouting Kendrick's name and including a special visual component.

The reason why the verse was never put on record has to do with political reasons, said the unconventional beatmaker and DJ, but it's clear he still wants to bless the fans by playing it during his shows, which is great for us.

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