Flo Rida guilty of biting with his new 'Can't Believe It' video? Diplo certainly seems to think so.

The video for Flo's collaboration with fellow Miami rapper label puppet Pitbull drops them in a CGI world populated by half-nekkid females shaking what their mommas gave them. That's cool and all, but it clearly bears close resemblance to Diplo's 'Butter's Theme,' which is why the Mad Decent DJ is ready to "go toilet paper the trees in front of flo-rida mansion."

Of course, there are minor differences between the two clips in question, like how 'Can't Believe It' features mermaids, four-legged vixens and ice cream cones with asses on top (ass creams?). But the camera spins, slides and spans 360 degrees as drones of back-up dancers do synchronised choreography to a digital backdrop.

Flo Rida and Pitbull bit a huge chunk out of Diplo with this one.

I guess when you compare the actual music, though, none of this is surprising. Diplo has been driving electronic and house music forward for the best part of the last decade, and his outsourced production for the likes of M.I.A., Chris Brown, and Usher has guided the sound of the mainstream.

Ever since packing in the Southern rap for radio play in the late '00s meanwhile, Flo Rida and Pitbull have become a record label's wet dream: hit-making, trend-whoring cash cows. I mean, they literally made a song with "ba-dum-bum-da-bum (x4)" as the chorus for Christ's sake.

Compare 'Can't Believe It' with 'Butter's Theme' below, and then decide whether you go grab a roll of toilet paper and join Diplo's angry, Charmin-wielding mob.