After having to take down his first version of the song "Bank Roll," that featured a rhyming Justin Bieber, Diplo is back with a remix, featuring Young Thug, Rich the Kid and Rich Chigga, who was recently added.

"Bankroll city pay slow / Everybody on the payroll under control / Every twenty minutes change clothes / Shout out my boy Post only that you wanna say go if you say so / Run up in the scene in my tight jean shorts  / Looking like a pimp but I got one h--," spits Chigga.

Then afterwards, Rich the Kid goes in.

"Walk in with a pocket full of broccoli / B----, I'm rich like I hit the f------ lottery /  Started in the trap with an elbow / Hit a split on the d---- for a bankroll / I was riding in a Masi, me and Diplo / Tell your b---- get low like a '64," he rhymes.

The reason Diplo said he had to remove the Justin Bieber version was because a few outside forces became upset. "Other artists made SoundCloud take down the Justin Bieber version, because they had exclusives with him," he explained.

You can listen to the Rich Chigga remix of "Bank Roll" below

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