Flo Rida's nasty habit of canceling concert appearances is starting to get expensive. Last month, the rapper was hit with a $200,000 lawsuit in connection with a string of scrapped Canadian dates, and last week, a judge in Australia ordered him to pay more than $400,000 to organizers of a festival he pulled out of last October, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Flo, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, reportedly waited until after he was due onstage to inform honchos at Newcastle's Fat As Butter festival that he would not be performing.

"Flo Rida has slept in and will not be able to make the concert," organizers told an audience of 11,000 fans, many of whom had dropped $110 for a ticket.

Mothership Music, the company behind Fat As Butter, sued Flo Rida and his management company for both breach of contract and damages. Neither the Florida MC nor his reps attended the hearing, and the judge awarded the plaintiffs $380,400 in damages and $37,745 in legal fees.

"All of these angry patrons demanded a refund, sometimes in confronting language, such as: 'You guys didn't deliver what you advertised and I paid for,'" said Judge Judith Gibson. "People spoke of being 'angry,' feeling 'ripped off,' being told 'bullshit' and 'unfair and slack conduct.'"

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