After working with YG and J. Cole on his two previous singles, Jeremih has now enlisted Flo Rida for his latest club banger, "Tonight Belongs to U!."

While "Don't Tell 'Em" and "Planes" were both dance-worthy songs, "Tonight Belongs to U!" jumps onto the EDM track. Filled with synthy beats and other spacey sound effects, this one will get you jumping around and fist pumping in no time. While he's trying to forget about an old flame, Jeremih sings about meeting a new woman and how she's now the center of his attention.

"Wasn't lookin' for it to heal the scar / But, today, I was ridin' on lonely boulevard / Wishin' all wasn't lost / And there, there you came," the Chicago singer croons.

Flo Rida comes in midway through the track and continues the same hip-swaying vibe with his singsong yet quick flow. "I know who you are, you're a rida / Girl on gire, ghetto superstar / And I came tonight, girl, you body's damn beautiful / Let me see you turn around like ay / Baby gonna drop it to the ground like ay," he delivers.

"Tonight Belongs to U!" will be part of Jeremih’s long-awaited LP, Late Nights: The Album, which still has no set release date. In the meantime, Jeremih will be sharing the stage with J. Cole on on his Forest Hills Drive Tour, which kicks off on July 12 in Seattle.

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