Flavor Flav is famous for his crazy antics outside of the rap game, but his recent appearance on The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim was truly bizarre.

If you are unfamiliar with the late-night talk show, here's a quick introduction. Basically, Eric Andre torments his guests for 12 minutes either by trashing his desk, vomiting or showing off his penis. So you have been forewarned.

In this episode, the funnyman turned it up a notch by introducing Flav as a "civil rights leader" and trying to touch his penis. And that's not all.

After Flav escaped from having his nether regions fondled, Andre decided to get naked and squeeze in a small bathtub. Meanwhile, co-host Hannibal Buress drops a fart before delivering a swift kick to Flav’s face. Yes, it did happened.

Flavor Flav wasn't the only rapper to get tormented on the show. Rapper T.I. was a guest on the talkie and things got really awkward. While on the couch, Tip had various pranks pulled on him including Andre masterbating with a fake penis through his desk. When a naked white man appeared on the set with only a belly T-shirt, that's when T.I. abruptly left.

Flavor Flav wasn't so lucky. Watch the bizarre video above.

And for a bonus, watch Amber Rose's truly awkward cameo on the show below.

Watch Amber Rose on The Eric Andre Show

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