While many artists and celebrities use Twitter to allow fans a glimpse into their real lives, some take it a step further, and let people know what they really think. Though Lindsay Lohan, Shaq and Diddy all have notoriously amusing Twitter feeds, Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has been causing controversy over the frankness of his tweets.

Last month, Fab revealed that T-Pain dissed Jay-Z at a performance in Vegas. "Not feelin the Tpain JayZ dissing.. Brooklyn!" " Fab wrote, in response to Pain's diss. News of the insult spread across the net, followed by video of the incident, leading to Pain issuing a public apology.

Though Fab generally spends his time somewhat benignly contributing to such trending topics as #whitneymight, or #uknowuacehood, this morning he posted a message calling into question fellow rapper 50 Cent's recent "Thisis50 Festival" which took place at Governor's island in NYC this past weekend.

The fest featured virtually every major NYC rapper under the age of 40 besides Fab, including G-Unit, the Diplomats, Maino, Corey Gunz and most surprisingly, D-Block, whom 50 had beef with, previously. "They say New York City, we don't actually get along, that's not true," 50 said at the event. "We could work together and get more money than we can get apart, and they gonna see us do it in the future."

Having not been included in the lineup, Fab tweeted, "Its interesting to c 50 Cent unite wit NY artists when he's 1 of the reasons NY hip hop became so isolated & crumbled...Do u agree NY??" Fab also questioned 50's intentions in publicly making peace with D-Block rappers Jadakiss and Styles P, "I guess it was a good show 4 NY. But if u asked 50 a few years ago if he ever saw hisself on stage with any of them he woulda said HELL NO!"

He was careful to point out that he didn't mean any insult, writing that he was instead "puzzled" by the event, "So don't think im takin shots at 50..Jus that NY show had me a lil puzzled..But I love NY so I couldn't knock it if I wanted to."

Fab definitely keeps it real on his account. We'll see how long he continues to post so candidly.