The New York radio wars aren't a thing of the past -- they're flourishing this week. After radio personality Star (of 'Star and Bucwild' fame) took aim at Hot 97's 'The Morning Show' hosts for their recent comments against Public Enemy's Chuck D, Ebro Darden shot his opinion right back.

Starting around the 16:50-mark in the video above, Star blasts 'This Is Hot 97' stars Ebro and Peter Rosenberg for dismissing Chuck D as a washed up rapper.

Star tells listeners that the out-of-town hosts and station as a whole are responsible for the downfall of New York City's hip-hop scene. Star himself was once a Hot 97 on-air personality until he was fired in 2001.

Ebro took to Twitter, calling Star a has-been. "I can tell no one listens to your show. No one is getting at me regarding your latest cocaine rant... @STARANDBUCWILD." When asked to call into Star's show, Ebro responded, "these dummies beggin! Work harder."

Rosenberg did not comment directly to Star on social media. However, he tweeted to Ebro, "the washedness is real lol."

The Twitter war got so heated between Star and Ebro that they both threw out a flurry of insults. Star called out Ebro for being a snitch while the latter accused Star of using cocaine.

Take a look at the scathing comments below.

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