Over the weekend, Remy Ma delivered a blistering Nicki Minaj diss track called “shETHER” and pretty much gave the Queen Barbz a lyrical thrashing.

The song has also raised a few questions regarding some of Remy’s accusations. Particularly, with the line, "You cheated on your man with Ebro." The one question everyone's asking is “Did Ebro Darden sleep with Nicki Minaj?”

On Monday (Feb. 27), Darden officially addressed the sex rumor on his Hot 97 radio program, Ebro In the Morning. Although he initially denied the rumors in a series of tweets prior, he allowed co-host Peter Rosenberg to drill him with questions about Remy's allegations.

When asked if he ever had a romantic relationship with Nicki Minaj in any way, he responded, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman in any way, shape, or form."

Ebro then went on to explain his friendship with Nicki. He said he met her many years ago on DJ Kay Slay's radio show and they became good friends during her rise in the rap game. Ebro and Nicki have met for drinks on different occasions but it was always for business, never pleasure.

Ebro also said that he’s never sexted with Nicki, but "I’ve definitely told her her ass was fat." He later added that he did touch Nicki's thighs once.

"I’ve grabbed her thigh at that party," he recalled. "Remember when she came in that outfit? That Halloween party? We was all there. I definitely was like, 'Yooo.'"

When asked why would Remy suggest such a thing, Ebro believes that someone who used to be close to Nicki fed Remy some inside information. Rosenberg asked him if he thought Nicki’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, could be the perpetrator, to which Ebro responded, "Possibly, she’s only had two ex-boyfriends in recent history. So one of the two."

In the end, Ebro is happy to be part of hip-hop history. In fact, the whole situation has left him "juiced." So much so, that he texted Papoose to thank Remy for including his name in the song. "I was like, 'Yo, give Remy the biggest fist pump for me. I appreciate that.'"

Nicki Minaj has not yet responded to Remy Ma's diss song. Listen to Ebro's entire interview above.

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