Cincinnati, Ohio is not the first place you think of when it comes to cities with a bubbling hip-hop movement, but that might change if Cinci rhymer Easy Lantana continues his grind. The up-and-coming artist has just dropped a remix for 'All Hustle, No Luck,' featuring rap heavyweights Pusha T, Bun B and Yo Gotti.

On the get-money anthem, the rap foursome spit rhymes about their hustling pedigrees over a bass-heavy beat and eerie soundscapes.

Yo Gotti sets it off rapping, "All-white Phantom like it come off the boat / Street money, yeah, I come from the dope / I voted for Obama, he talking that hope."

Then Lantana comes in and boasts about his knack for collecting bread on a daily basis.

"Cinncatti since my mommy had me / I change my city what was all that count I made it happen," he raps. "I still ain't seen my bed / I've been hustlin' like a gangsta all of this money in my head."

The Trill O.G. follows with a gritty rhyme flow, spitting, "I'm riding around on them 44's and they clack and swang / Yeah, you sitting on 22's they are factory mang / You tryin' to be like me you see but the fact remains / For me it easy though, it's a natural thang."

Finally, King Push closes the song out reflecting on his time when he was hugging the block as a street hustler.

"All I ever I wanted was the money and the cars / Bag full of dope and a pretty a-- broad / Never did I think about the time or the charge / I was too busy buying out the bar," he raps.

'All Hustle, No Luck' originally appeared on Lantana's 2012 mixtape of the same name, which won the “Best Mixtape of the Year” trophy at the 2013 Ohio Hip Hop Awards.

Hopefully, Easy Lantana's hustle will pay off and he becomes the next big rapper to shine out of Cincinnati.

Listen to Easy Lantana's Song 'All Luck No Hustle' Remix Feat. Pusha T, Bun B and Yo Gotti