We all know that T.I. is a well-versed MC but how does he stay on top of his game -- lyrically and creatively? Simple. He practices.

"I stay in the studio," he tells The Boombox. "When you ask [NBA basketball player] Ray Allen, 'How you keep your [three-pointers] sharp?' I shoot a bunch of threes, you know what I'm saying?"

Tip further explains his point. "Before the game, I'm going to be in here before anybody else shooting threes. When they leave, I'm coming back to the court, and I'm going to shoot some more threes. When they at the club, I'm shooting threes. When they asleep, I'm shooting threes."

In other words, practice, practice and more practice.

Get into the 'About the Money' creator's mindset above and see him open up about his new album, 'Paperwork,' how he makes great rap songs and his "killer-ant-with-a-sledgehammer mentality" below.

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