Logic is only one album deep in the game, yet he comes off as remarkably self-assured. The rapper, who debuted 'Under Pressure' in October, sat down with The Boombox for a new episode of '16 Bars' to speak about his "f--- everybody" mindset.

He speaks about his upbringing in a home heavily affected by drugs. Logic says that such obstacles gave him a harder life than your favorite rapper. However, he's learned to not let that completely define him.

"The biggest thing I learned during this entire thing, especially going into this album, is f--- everybody except the homies," Logic says. "Because I know who I am, and I know that I'm blessed, and I know that I do my best to be a positive and good person."

Watch what he has to say about his worldview and touch on how he made 'Under Pressure' above.

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