Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller's strong legion of fans didn't just blossom overnight. The rappers built their following organically, which inspired Logic to do the same. The rapper discusses the art of building a movement in The Boombox's '16 Bars' series, citing Frank Sinatra as a "debonair" man who influenced his career and alter ego.

The 'Under Pressure' rhymer opens up about his early struggles forming a group and details how Sinatra's lifestyle gave him an idea on how to incorporate some class and character into his brand. Besides his recording career, Sinatra is known for being the boss and was met with respect whenever he stepped into the room. Logic created his alter ego, Young Sinatra, after the famed singer for that reason.

With Wiz's Taylor Gang on his mind, Logic also formed the RattPack -- the "Ratt" stands for "Real All the Time" -- which is a nod to the phrase coined in the 1960s to describe a group of actors including Sinatra. The rhymer didn't have to force his "pack" into existence; his fans just followed along.

"I think some of the biggest most extraordinary things in music and in pop culture today is the fact that they're not scripted and they are organic," Logic tells The Boombox.

Take a look as the Maryland native details Frank Sinatra's influence and the RattPack movement above.

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