Soulja Boy's main thing Diamond has partnered with DJ Scream once again for the fourth installment of her expletive-laden 'B---- Musik' mixtape series, 'Poor Lil Rich Gurl,' which dropped on Tuesday (Aug. 23).

The former Crime Mob rapper returns with only one feature, Waka Flocka, who is the obvious highlight of her tape on a first listen. However, White Girl Mob and Kreayshawn fans should take note, as every song features a b-----themed chorus that would make Too $hort proud, i.e. 'I'm That B----,' '#TeamPrettyB----es,' and 'Hit That H---' -- and those are just the first three tracks.

"Have you ever seen the p---- of a million dollar queen?/ Let a rap n---- hit it, then he R&B sings," Diamond spits on the 'I'm On One (Remix).' "Baby I can take you there/ Don't wanna leave the p---- so he UPS it everywhere/ Now you know that I'm on one/ Got access to his bank account, I'm finna do a home run."

Though Diamond's a bit of a one trick b---- pony, she's strongest when she applies her double-time flow, and there are plenty of amusing lines on 'Poor Lil Rich Gurl,' if that's your thing.

"Honestly you b----es think you the s---?/ And if I had a pair of balls you'd be all on my d---," she spits on 'I'm That B----.' "I hang with b----es that's rich, shop at Bloomingdales or Rich's/ My a-- is tremendous and my shoe game is ridiculous."

Download Diamond's 'DJ Scream Presents B---- Musik Vol. 4: 'Poor Lil Rich Gurl' here.

Watch Diamond's 'Lotta Money'

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