One year after signing a deal with Battery Records, rapper Diamond is ready to put the wheels in motion behind her debut album.

The former Crime Mob member has been steady in the studio, putting together music for the release, and while she refuses to divulge details on the title and songs, the project will feature collaborations with new boyfriend, Soulja Boy.

"For me this is just a stepping stone of where I want to go and right now I feel like I'm on the right path of where I want to go," Diamond tells the BoomBox. "[On the album] you can expect people to see another side of me that they've never seen before. [I'm addressing] personal issues that women face all day."

She went on to describe what listeners can expect from the effort. "It's a male dominated game, a lot of guys speak on things for women and I feel like it's only right for a woman to speak on things for women. You can expect girl power and a lot of energy. I have a title, but I can't tell it [because] don't want nobody to take my title and I think it will come out top of the year."

The Atlanta native, born Brittany Nicole Carpenter, has made headlines for her bad luck behind the wheel and most notably for breaking off a rumored engagement to Lil Scrappy and hooking up with Soulja Boy. With all the inquiries into her personal life, Diamond remains coy about her new love, but wanted to surround herself with only positive people. "I just focus on being successful, anybody that I associate myself with has to be, for me, just be cool and understanding," she states.

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