After the mother of her former fiancé, Lil Scrappy, recently threatened to strangle her, Atlanta rapper Diamond has finally opted to address her rumored relationship with Soulja Boy.

The 22-year-old former Crime Mob queen said that she was drawn to Soulja Boy's intelligence and willingness to "teach" her.

"We've been friends for a while," Diamond explained in an interview with Dr. "I knew him ever since he came out. He's always been real sweet, a real [nice] guy. He's very, very smart and intelligent. I learned a lot from him and that's what I look for when I date a guy. I like to learn. Teach me. Sometimes guys may not want to teach you, they may want to compete. You never know. But that was like one of the key things that captured my attention."

Earlier this week, Soulja Boy similarly revealed that the couple had been "rocking heavy," though he conceded that there were still issues they had to deal with, due to their celebrity status.

"It don't matter who girl it would've been," he told XXL. "If you a celebrity and you dating, people gonna talk. It is what it is."

While Lil Scrappy's mom, Mama D, threatened to "take her on the Ave. and pimp that ass," during a recent radio interview, Scrappy was much more reasonable regarding his ex's new relationship.

"It really don't do nothing to me. You feel me?" Scrappy explained. "Everybody's into making money, but at the end of the day, you can't help when two people like each other."

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